::⨁ Return of the Bird Tribes ⨁::

“There are many names for us. We have been called angels, Bird Tribes, higher selves, hoksedas, spirit of the stars. The reality of what we are is more than a name can convey…”


the dust thereof
we channel the love
of the first sexual reproduction
single cell
the introduction
of all life forms
into Zuni
prayers to Uwannami
Cloud Spirits
the sky
and stars
the dust thereof
so within
below is nothing more
than a molten core
hell is folklore
rewriting that
while still taking it back
like the skin on your
it was written
and burned
sacred sha’lak’o
dust storm in the skies
that blinds pilgrims’ eyes
who wipe with violence as they cry
the dust thereof
it’s the love of a mother
who touches her child’s head
or on her deathbed
in the last words that she said
a full circle that seems broken
yet unspokenly we know
the flow is continuous
and so…
tear a rag from a flagpole above
wipe tenderly with love
the dust
the ashes
the rust
it’s us.

-Baraka Elihu


“As the birds welcome the morning sun with their song, when you act totally in love, you welcome Great Spirit into your world. You become a conscious cell in the awakening earth. The physical atoms of your body sing together, vibrating in perfect harmony. Your integrity and unity of being, your integration of purpose and expression brings resonance to everything you are and to everything you perceive. You become a natural channel for the vast and powerful energies of creation. Through you they flow into the healing and transformative work of the decades.”

“Invite the Bird Tribes into your awareness.

Make a home for eternal spirit in your heart.”

Ken Carey, Return of the Bird Tribes


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